Camilo C.

Director, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office

Gina Valona is one of the hardest workers I have ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. She is an “over-preparer” and will always ensure that a high-quality outcome/product is delivered as part of any duties for which she is responsible. In addition to her diligence, commitment, and outstanding work ethic, she is highly committed to social justice, creativity, and any other innovation that pertains to meaningful systemic change.

Anne B.

Executive Producer

Gina can do it all but she carefully prioritizes steps in complex processes that guide a group through to its best possible outcome. Her focus and energy are treats to work with. I was impressed by her attention to details while still asking for the big picture to expand goals and expectations, i.e. get to done and have high hopes! She is truly a wonder and a pleasure to be around and work with.

Gina D.

Deputy City Attorney

Working with Gina was wonderful. Through her design process, she spent time getting to know our mission, our participants, and our staff. Her goal was to create a cohesive campaign for a government agency, this type of work is hard if not impossible for us to do on our own. The finished project was compelling, elegant, and impactful. We'd be happy to work with her again!

Richard S.


Every day Gina showed up with an attitude of participation, collaboration, and enthusiasm, and her ideas were monumental. Gina has big picture thinking with an attention towards the details. Her laser focus on social responsibility, DEI initiatives, and community outreach helped to elevate our success, her contribution was undeniable.

Work With Gina

She is trusted and well respected by her diverse network of associates and colleagues and is known for her effervescent personality, positive attitude, attention to detail, straightforward communication, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the work done on time and within budget.

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